Day: December 16, 2019

A Christmas message from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

“It’s not an accident that long ago, followers of Jesus began to commemorate his birth, his coming into the world. When the world seemed darkest. When hope seemed to be dashed on the altar of reality. It is not an accident that we too, commemorate his coming, when things do not always look right in this world.
But there is a God. And there is Jesus. And even in the darkest night. That light once shined and will shine still.”

Gaudete and Repent

“The warnings in Scripture should not be taken lightly, old fashioned tales believed by the uneducated and superstitious, metaphors, means to control the meek. Hear them as real as today’s headlines. But this is not a call for Kool-Aid and tinfoil hats. This is a call for repentance, confession, seeking forgiveness, placing our hearts in fear and trembling before our God, letting ourselves be healed. Not punished. Healed.”