Day: October 22, 2019

Former Episcopal priest pleads guilty to serial child sexual abuse

The details of the assaults, as read into the record by Welch, were horrendous. White used not only his position of power within the church to abuse children, but also his status as a guardian ad litem. Two of the four victims were troubled teens who came to stay briefly with White, who was at the time considered a responsible adult. In addition, he frequently used alcohol as a means to both draw close to and impair his victims. – The Mountaineer

Executive Council names companies complicit in the occupation of Palestinian territories

Last year’s General Convention debates over Israel, Palestine, and the path to peace in the Holy Lands was fraught, but the Fall meeting of the Executive Council has returned to the challenge, hoping to find a way to thread the needle of support for the human rights of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories through economic pressure that does not fall under the controversial umbrella of BDS.

Clear and Cloudy

“Maybe I needed the clouds to remind me of God’s presence – abiding and deep, covering the greatest mountains and the smallest valleys, claiming the entire world including me. God’s creation is always teaching us something about God and our role in this world. God never fails to use our surroundings as a means to reveal the depth of love and grace given to us.”