Day: April 7, 2019

In mourning

Years ago when a loved one died, those left behind wore dark somber clothes as an outward and visible sign of their grief. Anyone they interacted with knew instantly that here was a person who was grieving. Here was a person who needed/wanted to be handled with extra kindness. Here was a person that the community could and should support. 

Lavish and Intimate

“Ultimately, I have to wonder if what was really bugging Judas was not the cost, but the intimacy of death, and his own sense of fear and self-unease around what would play out in the days to come.  We see soon enough how he manages his own avoidance of his own possible death, and how that doesn’t really work out for him in the end. The ease of which Mary can be both lavish and intimate scares him…and as we all do when we’re scared, we cover our own vulnerabilities first.”