Day: March 27, 2018

Trinity Wall Street installs metal detectors

Trinity Wall Street installs metal detectors

Trinity Church, Wall Street, New York, and the neighboring St Paul’s Chapel have installed metal detectors to screen visitors to the historic sites.

CNN reports:

Church officials said they have been considering the change for a long time, with input from the congregation, so visitors “may find the sanctuary they seek within our walls.”

“While it saddens Trinity to implement these measures, the times we live in necessitate this action,” said Patti Walsh, chief communications officer for Trinity Church […]

A Prayer for Holy Week

A Prayer for Holy Week

The days say to us: Enter.

Come experience.

Come live.

Come savor.


These days are ours to know.

Ours to enter.

Ours to walk.

Ours to pray.

Ours to love.


This Holy Week calls each of us.


For 40 days we’ve waited and watched. We’ve turned to the darkness. We’ve let the darkness teach us. We’ve trusted that the light is present even as we doubt.


For 40 days we’ve met in worship. To hear the stories of God’s people. To sing the songs of old. To pray for the world. […]