Day: December 14, 2017

Looking for light in dark times

A Sandy Hook survivor and his mother have written a book sharing their journey and the resilience they have drawn from their (Episcopal) faith. They share insights and offer tips for raising children of enduring faith.

“Road Rage Priest” set to receive probation

The Rev William Adams, Rector of Calvary Episcopal Church in Fletcher NC has entered into a plea deal in a road rage incident in Florida and has been given a year of probation.  He was charged with pointing a semi-automatic pistol from his red 2014 Corvette at a woman and her adult son near Palm City, FL.

What makes Anglicans Anglican?

Prompted by the recent ordination of nine men by the GAFCON related Anglican Mission in England (AMiE), an on-line editorial in the British magazine “Christian Today,” asks and seeks to answer the question “What makes Anglicans Anglican anyway?” 

When We Cannot Bear the Good News

St. John of the Cross knew that the dark night of the Soul is a period that marks the beginning of transformation.  The bleakest times hold that promise, even when we can get nowhere near it intellectually or emotionally.