Day: April 1, 2017

Google discovers that kids foresee a bright, happy future

Last year, we asked young artists across the US to create a doodle about what they see for the future. Congratulations to Sarah Harrison from Connecticut in the 10th – 12th grade group on being named the National Finalist of the 2016-17 Doodle 4 Google Contest for her doodle “A Peaceful Future”.

One Fifth of Millennials openly identify as LGBTQ

Most of my life I heard about the 10%. Ten percent of any given population, in any culture, were likely a sexual minority. They fell somewhere on the Kinsey scale of human sexuality other than 100% heterosexual. It has been a real shock at how quickly things have changed in the US regarding LGBTQ acceptance in the last 20 years. We moved from the US Supreme Court striking down all of the sodomy laws in the US with the 1996 decision in Lawrence v Texas to legal same-sex civil marriage in all 50 states in the 2015 decision of Obergefell v Hodges.

Father Bosco, of fame, has saintly news from the Vatican

Pope Francis to make Martin Luther a Saint on October 31 An embittered Vatican insider (many of them saw this day coming) has leaked the document that Pope Francis has been working on together with Lutheran leaders: Stultus Aprilis. Pope Francis, always surprising people during the four years so far of his pontificate, is preparing …

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Speaking to the Soul: To Be a Fool

The appearance of being foolish is a stigma nobody really wants to have to wear. Being foolish is really a form of insult, as if a person did not have the wit or the intelligence or the savvy to be like everyone else around them and do things the “normal” way.