Day: March 26, 2017

One Episcopalian’s journey

Then, in the village I now call home something awoke, a part of me was calling, the practice of my faith. On the highway outside of town was an Episcopal church. No, I thought, there’s nothing there for me. I’m done with religion and those empty promises of love, redemption. Still, it pulled. Hesitantly, I summoned courage and went.

Bishop Jon Bruno, bishop diocesan to the See of Los Angeles, faces Title IV hearing this coming week

The final stage of the disciplinary process of the Episcopal Church against the Rt Revd Jon Bruno, bishop diocesan of the Diocese of Los Angeles, begins this Tuesday, 28 MAR. The hearing runs through Wednesday & Thursday. The hearing is regarding charges of misconduct, brought against Bishop Bruno by the members of the former mission church, St James the Great in Newport Beach.