Day: March 11, 2017

Cast of Transparent releases pro-transgender Public Service Announcement

Amazon’s hit web TV dramedy, Transparent, is about a senior aged father who transitions from presenting as male to presenting as female. He then comes out to his adult children. The cast and creators have released a PSA about Gavin Grimm, the transgender boy who is suing his local school district for not allowing him to use the boys’ restroom.

Statements released regarding the withdrawal of Philip North from nomination as bishop ordinary to the See of Sheffield

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of literal and virtual ink dedicated to the announcement of the nomination of the Rt Revd Phillip North to be the bishop ordinary of the Diocese of Sheffield in the Church of England. The conversation began with an article by senior theologian Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford. He pointed out North’s membership in a Church of England subgroup, the Society, which issues cards to its members allowing the male priests to show/prove that they have been ordained by a male bishop.

Speaking to the Soul: Saints and Sinners

So let’s all try this week to look at the bracket of Lent Madness, read the biographies of the saints proposed, and find something that we can have in common with those formerly sinful people, many who don’t have the word “saint” in front of their name. It might just be an enlightening adventure.