Day: February 19, 2017

Holy Places

I, like a great many people, experience some places as holy places. However, I do not believe that God created specific holy places. Ongoing, consistent evolutionary processes produced the cosmos as we know it. This presumably precludes God differentiating particular places in ways that those places are inherently holy or “thin,” i.e. places in which God is more easily or frequently encountered.

Looking intently

“As Jesus tries, the blind man tries. He looks and blindness has given way to partial sight but then he has to “look intently” – he has to try harder to be healed. Funny that.”

Speaking to the Soul: Be ye therefore perfect

There’s no pressure this morning to be mistake free. We can all breathe a sigh of relief because we are all going to make mistakes, probably lots of them. But we can grow towards persistence in faith, persistence in hope, and persistence in love by simply never giving up.