Day: January 28, 2017

The bishop wants to sell multimillion dollar properties

However, this bishop is in Canada. The bishop is the Rt Revd David Edwards, 10th bishop diocesan of Fredericton. In addition to the historic Christ Church Cathedral pictured above, the diocese owns several adjacent properties with all but one, also occupied by historic structures. These properties are costing the Anglicans of New Brunswick hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just for basic upkeep. They all need millions of dollars in repair and refurbishment.

Good news about British bell-ringers & ringers worldwide

Dr Julie McDonnell was a novice to Campanology, the art of bell-ringing. She is from Sussex England and in DEC 2015 she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has a blood cancer, one of 137 different kinds of blood cancer, chronic myeloid leukemia. A person in good health would find bell-ringing challenging.

What can we learn from our megachurch neighbors? Part the Second

On 10 JAN we published the story, What can we learn from our megachurch neighbors? Today we have a story about one such large church. This church is Denver Community Church. The Elder Team of this church has been on a journey of discernment for the last 18 months regarding the inclusion of LGBT Christians in the life of their congregation. Many Episcopal/Anglican parishes, dioceses and provinces could learn from this example.