Day: January 7, 2017

The separation of church & state – but not really

On 1 JAN 2017, some of the apron strings between the Kingdom of Norway and the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Norway were cut. Approved by the Norwegian parliament back in 2012, but effective beginning this year, the Norwegian constitution has been amended from referring to the church as the “state’s public religion,” to, “Norway’s national church.”

US Army receives new religious accommodation regulations

Until last Tuesday (3 JAN), members of the US Army occasionally received religious accommodations on a case by case basis. On Tuesday the Secretary of the Army, Eric Fanning, propagated new regulations affecting all army personnel from the brigade level down.

The Quranic Nativity story.

Because so many of us are unfamiliar with both Islam and the Quran, we perhaps don’t know about the Quranic nativity story found in Maryam. It is a story of the birth of Jesus unfamiliar in many ways.