Day: December 11, 2016

Still no claim of responsibility for Cairo church bombing

Anger continues to grow over what is seen as inaction on the part of the Egyptian government after a bombing yesterday morning at the Coptic cathedral in Cairo. This is the second major attack to have occurred in Cairo in three days, after an explosion at a security checkpoint killed six police officers on Friday.

Lights in the Dark

The fear that has gripped me has alleviated a little for I know that stretched out across this nation, and this world, there are more of us who hold the candles of hope than not.

Speaking to the Soul: A Dark Gaudete

…towards the end of his life he began to have doubts about who Jesus was and whether or not there was a coming kingdom. He was in prison, after all. The old authorities were still cruelly in place. In the darkness of prison, John was suddenly not so sure about Jesus.