Day: November 19, 2016

Again, the rise of giving sanctuary in religious structures

They have done it before and now they are doing it again. Under the specter of US president-elect Donald Trump’s threats to deport millions of immigrants, both documented and undocumented, churches again are rising up and declaring that they are a place of sanctuary for those fleeing the clutches of the US Department of Homeland Security. Now, as many as 400 US churches and synagogues, across the breadth and height of the nation, are declaring that immigrants may seek refuge in their buildings.

American Humanist Association sues Colorado school district over the separation of Church and State

The Douglas County School District, in a suburb of Denver, has teamed up with Samaritan’s Purse to request that the children and their families in the district put together Christmas gift boxes. However, three families in the district feel that things have been taken too far and with the aid of the American Humanist Association have taken the school district to federal court. The families have sued the district on the grounds that the district has violated its responsibility of not promoting religion.

Moravian Church in North America, a TEC full-communion partner, offers 2017 Calendar

The Interprovincial Board of Communication Bookstore, of the Moravian Church in North America, is promoting a full color Images of the Moravian Church calandar for 2017. If you have ever been curious about one of TEC’s more historically unique full-communion partners, this calendar has full-page color images of Moravian Church traditions, events and locations.