Day: November 13, 2016

Two Episcopal Churches Vandalized With Racist Messages

Content Warning: racist, antisemitic, and homophobic language used in vandalism. Episcopal churches in Maryland and Indiana were vandalized with pro-Trump, racist messages last night. In Silver Spring, Maryland, the Church of Our Savior, Hillandale found “Trump nation whites only” scrawled in rough black letters on a brick wall in their memorial garden and on the …

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Death and memory

Marilyn McCord Adams reflects on dementia’s ability to rob us of ourselves
It is one thing for the body to stiffen and atrophy, wear out, “dust to dust” returning. But it is another when the mind has such difficulty pulling itself into focus enough to pay attention, when it becomes such an effort to connect one thought with another. Dementia carries this process to its logical conclusion. Not only does it make us forget our life stories. It robs us of the recognition that we are anyone at all.

from the Daily Sip: Smoke rises.

I believe, that God smells fires. God has always smelled them. God has smelled the happy fires and the sad ones. God has smelled incense from Italy’s altars and from Haiti’s burning rubber around men’s necks after a regime-change. God has smelled the smoke of a baptismal candle and of a seared wound to stop the bleeding.