Day: October 23, 2016

Bright with a glorious splendor

For a long time in this parish, and, really, each of the parishes I served in, one of the burning questions was what to do with our stuff. Especially the stuff we were not using anymore, as well as the stuff we never had used but had been given as charitable cast-offs by members. As the end of Lent approached and our plans for the outdoor Vigil took shape, I saw an answer to what to do with all this stuff. Burn it all in the Great Fire.

Thy dross to consume

And from that second firing the potter cracks the kiln open seven days later with her chisels, removing the graceful vase, tortured twice by fire after fire. Suffering is like that fire. We are lied about. We are betrayed by the shallow, the silly, the frightened. We are diagnosed. We are operated on. We are bullied. We are whispered about. We are manipulated by power. We are exposed to so much suffering. We regret. We grieve. We envy. We betray our best selves. And we suffer.