Day: October 16, 2016

Theology of Music

I listen to music all the time, but the music that I keep coming back to, and that matters most to me, is the music of the church. Why does it matter? It matters because it opens a door for us to experience God on many levels, and speaks to us in ways that are too deep for words.

You are not sugar and spice

Now, my sisters, can we get real here?
That little nursery rhyme that originated in the 1800s might seem harmless and cute.
Yet, my eyes are being opened to this observation:
Telling women and girls that they are to just be sugar and spice and everything nice –
Is an admonition, a warning, for you to keep your mouth shut and to not get out of line.

A gift: prayer and presence

When I sit with Jesus early in the morning, I am spending time. Is not the word “spending” so interesting here? We spend time. We make time. We have time. We spend Money. We make Product. We have Gift. So I take this valuable time, like pieces of silver, and I spend some on time with Jesus.