Day: October 2, 2016

The shadows that follow us

“I continue to believe that we’re not free in this country, … There are spaces that are occupied by the legacy of that history that weigh on us. We talk a lot about freedom. We talk a lot about equality. We talk a lot about justice. But we’re not free. There are shadows that follow us.”

To proclaim and strive for the kingdom of God

Our Episcopal Church has an active and essential role to play in society. We must be more than a voice, more than a presence. We are called to strive. We are called to proclaim. Like Moses, Isaiah, Jesus, and the countless others, we are called to free those oppressed in the slavery of an economy and culture that treats human labor like a commodity.

The Willing Wall

Many know of the “wailing wall” in Jerusalem, and many have likely experienced anguish in the church. But what if we had a place to share our stories, to express our hopes and the strength of our faith? What if we had a “willing wall” to collect our dreams?