Day: September 18, 2016

2FAB #8: Genesis 37, 39-50

Introducing 2FAB – Two Feminists Annotate the Bible. Join Jordan and Luci as they work their way through the Bible, bringing their deep faiths and a feminist eye to the stories of God and God’s people. In this episode; Joseph and his journey to Egypt

An Episcopal Grassroots Network: The Episcopal Public Policy Network

At the Magazine this month we’re interested in exploring the Church’s voice in the public sphere. One of the lesser known arms of the Episcopal Church is the Episcopal Public Policy Network, which seeks to influence the public policy debate. We’ve invited Lacy Broemel, a Refugee and Immigration Policy Analyst in the Office of Government Relations to share what kind of work the EPPN is doing.

The Night Watch

This originally appeared as part of the Daily Sip, a ministry of St John’s Cathedral in Denver, CO   by Charles LaFond   Do you ever look at a person and wonder if they are processing what is going on around them? Do you ever wonder if Jesus’ trips up to the mountain early in …

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