Day: September 10, 2016

The Diocesan Council of the Diocese of Los Angeles returns draft report on the Corp Sole

A resolution passed at the Diocese of Los Angeles annual convention in 2015 requires that the real properties held by the Bishop as a Corporation Sole be transferred to the Corporation of the Diocese. In response to the resolution, a task force was established to research the properties held by the Corporation Sole. At a recent meeting of the Diocesan Council, which has the authority of the Diocesan Convention between conventions, the Council voted to return the draft report of the task force.

Anglican Primate welcomes the Australian majority voting on the rights of a minority

Malcolm Turnbull is now the prime minister of Australia. During his campaign, he made promises, as all politicians do when running for office. One of his promises was a referendum on marriage equality in Australia. Now as the leader of the coalition government, it appears that a referendum will eventually be placed before the people of Australia. The Anglican Primate of Australia has weighed into the preliminary discussion.