Day: August 6, 2016

WATCH requests no more interruptions

An Evangelical minister, the Revd Stephen Holland, who isn’t even a member of the Church of England, has now interrupted four consecrations of women in the CoE to the office of bishop. His objection to the consecrations appears to have been facilitated by the Deans of the cathedrals in which some of the consecrations occurred, with him even being provided a microphone to be better heard.

A group of Muslims let their neighbors know how they feel

US Muslims hear often that they need to be on the leading edge of distancing Islam from the atrocities of terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. US Muslims are raising their voices against the jihadists, but these are often in the sermons of imams in mosques across the US and not heard by average US citizens. To counter that lack of public knowledge of their disagreement with the horrible crimes of ISIS, a group of Muslims have pooled their funds for a billboard campaign to let neighbors, family and friends know of their stand.