Day: July 3, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Gender identity discrimination

“There is a strong temptation to look at the successes of the gay rights movement and celebrate victory. The hard fact is that the gay rights movement has not always served or assisted transgender people. Transgender people have often not been the focus or the aim of the gay rights movement, and that reality is clear in the Episcopal Church. The sad reality is that there are no transgender people employed full time in the Episcopal Church.”

Safe Space After Orlando?

If no one and no place is safe, are we now to live in abject fear, anxiously confined to certain places, inhibited from living a full and free life, resolved to build walls around our houses, communities, or across our borders both to keep others out and to keep us safe, and perhaps even buying guns? Surely not.

Christ-like or Christian-ish?

I think a church can and should be a place in which we live like rocks in a rock-tumbler – being tossed around inside as it turns, spraying water and knocking jagged edges until we are smooth and kind to the touch, like God. But too many churches are not like that at all.