Day: June 28, 2016

At least 36 dead, scores injured at Istanbul airport

As thoughts and prayers stream across social media sites, incredibly, the Ataturk international airport in Istanbul, Turkey, has already reopened following a terrorist attack that claimed at least 36 lives and injured many more. The Turkish prime minister has blamed ISIS for the latest deadly attack in that country.

Presiding Bishop, President of the House of Deputies on discrimination

“We all know that some things in holy Scripture can be confusing, hard to understand, or open to various ways of understanding. But some essential teachings are clear and incontrovertible. Jesus tells us to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves, and he tells us over and over again not to be afraid.”

General Synod members receive advice on how to talk about sexuality

The Shared Conversations program has been conducting structured, open-ended discussions around sexuality throughout the dioceses of the Church of England since September 2014. A closed-door session after the close of General Synod business next month is designed to allow small groups of General Synod representatives a similarly opportunity.

Speaking to the Soul: Creative Love

Jesus reminds us that being apart from creation does not absolve him (and by extension us) from a responsibility to it. He demonstrates that responsibility by following through with taking up the cross, dying, and rising again