Day: June 26, 2016

Come and See

Last week we had a story about a joint effort of the College for Bishops, The Episcopal Church Development Office and The Episcopal Church Foundation called Project Resource that seeks to change the culture of acquiring resources for ministry. A key part of Project Resource is the intentional evangelism program called Come and See. In this article, Project Resource’s chief architect The Rev Canon Charles LaFond explains “Come and See.”

After the Storm

Summer can bring a different shape and texture to our encounter with God. In this piece, Deacon Kevin McGrane reflects on on the power of storms and the inner working of the Spirit

Constraining love

We wrap Jesus up in a nice clean (or dusty) package so as to keep it from any kind of change. We humans love, love, love to domesticate God, describing God in detail, accommodating a certain nostalgia – when God is in fact a mystery