Day: June 17, 2016

Mother Emanuel one year later

One year ago, nine people were killed in a Bible Study at Emanuel AME Zion Church in Charleston, SC. The citizens of the city and the members of the congregation are still coming to terms with the tragedy.

Faith Reels: ‘Me Before You’ … #LivingBoldly – Really?

As they spend time together Lou’s wacky wardrobe, clumsiness and heartfelt sincerity to do the best for her “charge” become endearing to Will and, as predictable, a very tender romance ensues. But it’s not enough to give him a reason to live as a disabled person; and that’s where the story takes a controversial turn. Let’s not spoil this for you. It’s worth seeing. You’ll have to decide for yourself who’s “living boldly” here since that’s the movie’s hashtag; #LivingBoldly.