Day: June 12, 2016

Keeping Summer Holy

Can we make the case that recreation is good for our soul? That a change of scene rejuvenates us? Strengthening family relationships while vacationing builds strong bonds? We can demonstrate and spread our faith elsewhere? We can establish Christian community in other places?

A modern excommunication

THE MAGAZINE   Several years ago, I read a piece in a major daily publication about the reemergence of excommunication among mainline Protestant denominations. “Thank God I’m part of a denomination that doesn’t engage in that craziness,” I thought, perhaps a bit smugly.   Today, I have learned through personal experience just how wrong I …

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Message in a bottle

Like a Chinese inside-painting bottle, we humans hold the Holy Spirit inside us as individual temples. We each have this beautiful image being painted inside of us by God and spirit. And in a way, the painting is being painted backwards because what one first sees in an encounter with any human being is only the tip of the beauty-iceberg, only the few first strokes of a detailed painting God is working out by applying layer after layer of paint, in thousands of colors, one hair-stroke at a time, backwards.