Day: June 9, 2016

Scottish Primus Report to General Synod

The Global North is experiencing massive social change in respect of human sexuality – not that the church simply follows that. The Global South – and in particular Sub-Saharan Africa – remains deeply conservative and is under pressure from the Islamisation of Africa. The legacy of colonialism makes measured and respectful dialogue very difficult. Different understandings of collegiality and leadership confuse expectations about how issues will be addressed.
The unanswered question is, ‘Who oversees the limits of Anglican diversity and what happens when those limits are crossed?’

Scottish Episcopal Church General Synod getting underway (UPDATED)

First – the supreme authority of our church is the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church. The proposals for canonical change which we shall debate this year come before us by the will of our General Synod. That does not change, What does change is that each of us now understands what the impact of any change will be on the Communion and our place within it. We should be respectfully mindful of that.