Day: May 26, 2016

Desegregating our spiritual lives

by Edwin Smit and Louie Crew Clay   The Presiding Bishop and General Convention have called on the whole church to respond to “systemic racial injustice” to end “the plague of racism in our society and church.”  We wanted to examine racial patterns in the Episcopal Church as reflected by diocesan staff, church membership and […]

Does the mind of God change?

When people do change their minds, we often applaud them. They got it, we say! They turned to the right side! They made the healthy choice! And it is true that changing one’s mind can be a good thing. Yet, somehow, we also tend to denigrate people who change their minds. When leaders change their minds (to a position we disagree with), we claim that they are wishy-washy, that we can’t trust them.