Day: May 8, 2016

Compelled to Choose

And yet, today, I acknowledge that I cannot cast off my belief in God, even in the face of disapproval. In spite of the pressure for me to believe in God, I kind of got used to the idea of having the freedom to choose an irreligious life for a long time…
The truth is, however, I couldn’t stop believing in the existence of a higher power.

The “my peace” of Jesus

I wonder about the use of the word “my” before the word “peace.” It seems that just leaving us with “peace” would have been a good gesture in advance of Jesus’ lift-off. But Jesus seems to own the brand. Jesus has a kind of peace that is not like the peace offered by “the world.” And what we know about the term “The world” in John’s gospel and in the early church writings is that “world” does not refer to the planet on which we live, but to the noise in which we live.