Day: May 1, 2016

Yearning to breathe free

The words on Liberty’s pedestal were always a hope, an almost eschatological vision of who we hoped to be and what we intended to be for the rest of the world…
Is this about our hypocrisy or about our becoming? Certainly the freedom we live is deeply incomplete so long as it doesn’t belong to all of us. Biblically and theologically, it’s also incomplete if “freedom” is simply opportunity for unhampered exercise of our own whim and protection of fiercely held opinions and judgments of others from any criticism or constraints.

Kneading our daily bread

When I ask for “my daily bread” what is underneath my request of God in “The Lord’s Prayer” is not simply bread, but the kind of real honesty which bread implies. Give me integrity – a real thing being a real thing. Let me be real by knowing who I am, knowing what I want