Day: April 7, 2016

Church in Wales kinda sorta publishes blessing for same-sex couples

The bishops of the Church in Wales have published a pastoral letter (and a series of prayers) addressed to their LGBT members. Recognizing the contentiousness of the debate and a history of discrimination, the bishops have tried to both affirm LGBT members and their relationships while also acknowledging a political inability to move beyond the status quo.

Fifty years since Time magazine asked: “Is God dead?”

Fifty years ago, Time asked whether the idea of God had run its course and lost any real sense of authority. Reflecting on the rise of communism with its commitment to atheism, the horror of the Holocaust and the workings of the Vatican II, Time wondered if there was any future in the idea of real and relevant God;

Forty weeks in the wilderness

St James the Great in Newport Beach, CA marks one year since they were told that their congregation would be closed and building sold and forty weeks since they have refused to disappear, growing in numbers and spirit.