Day: March 31, 2016

Brian R. Seage, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi on HB 1523

The Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi stands as one with our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community and the Human Rights Campaign. We respect their painful journey as they have sought full inclusion in our society. Many of them share a Christian faith that is deep and profound. We should embrace their quest for equality and justice rather than placing obstacles in their pathway. – Bishop Seage

St. John Coltrane Church faces eviction

Sunday Masses are built on a live performance of “A Love Supreme,” a 33-minute opus that saxophonist Coltrane wrote to express the awesomeness of God. The Rev. Franzo W. King, the church’s founder, archbishop and sax player, and his wife, Mother Marina King, started the church after attending a Coltrane show in 1965. They had what they call a sound baptism.

Pakistan: where every heart is broken

The prime minister of Pakistan has said that the heart of every Pakistani was broken and that the whole nation was in the state of grief and sorrow during a televised address to the nation following the horrific Easter Day bomb attack in Lahorethat left at least 72 people dead and more than 300 injured.