Day: February 19, 2016

Faith Reels: ‘Hail, Caesar!’ … “A story of the Christ” Really!

Faith Reels: ‘Hail, Caesar!’ … “A story of the Christ” Really!

Yes, this is a Coen brothers’ movie so you won’t get to be moved very long before they’ll take a quick turn. But Clooney’s soliloquy staring at the crucified Christ—who we never see—may be one of the best sermons Hollywood has ever put on film

Letter to the Editor: putting a human face on the Primates’ “sanctions”

The Primates Meeting in January 2016 called for sanctions against TEC. Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon said that the primates’ decision has this result: “the three-year absence of a gifted priest, ecumenist, and Bible scholar who serves on our dialogue with the World Communion of Reformed Churches” That is, although the primates’ resolution “applies to the TEC as a whole,” it “practically involves” just one person.

I am the person to whom the Secretary General referred.