Day: November 22, 2015

The silent twenty-three percent

Though originally appearing in Voices of Integrity in 1999, this article by Louie Clay captures an issue that has remained relevant even amidst the vast changes in the culture and in the movement towards greater equality and inclusion for LGBT persons. In coming across it, we felt it was worth looking at once again.

Where are the B in LGBT?

The Episcopal Church has made huge strides for people who identify under the umbrella term LGBT in offering overall acceptance, marriage equality, and opportunity for ordination. I’ve met clergy who are “L”, “G”, and “T.” But the “B” seems ever silent.

blue, peach and crimson hope: prepare to prepare

In the Magazine we’re exploring worship and in this piece, Charles LaFond reflects on the season of Advent and its occurrence in the global north’s winter, asking “What do we do? You and I? What is our job in winter’s darkness?”

Speaking to the Soul: Accused

Before Advent gets here take some time to identify the ways the world tries to lie to you and remember that those things are not true. You belong to God’s kingdom, and the truth is that you there are no accusations against you.