Day: November 14, 2015

Catherine Parr, widow of Henry VIII, pens Prayer for the Monarch in 1662 BCP

A Canadian scholar, doing research in one area of history, has stumbled upon the unexpected. Micheline White, PhD, while researching one of Catherine Parr’s ladies-in-waiting, came across a book of prayers published by Catherine Parr and she found a prayer for the king which is obviously the original for the Prayer for the Monarch of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer.

Pope Francis gives the Lampedusa Crucifix to the Lampedusa parish church

Cuban President, Raul Castro, presented Pope Francis with a 3 meter crucifix. The Lampedusa Crucifix is made from oars lashed together with rope. It is named for the tiny Mediterranean Sea island off the coast of Sicily where the majority of immigrants fleeing Africa arrive. Francis has taken the decision to now donate the crucifix to the Lampedusa parish which it honors.