Day: September 19, 2015

Warning: This contains graphic content that may be upsetting!

This doesn’t have anything to do with being Episcopalian or Anglican or even about being Christian. This is about being human. This is about some very sad facts of the human condition. Both of these music videos bring tears to my eyes when I view them. They bring up memories of personal experience or of the personal experience of close friends. They are about violations of the most intimate kind. Like most good art, they tell a story that touches us.

“We Win, You Lose!”

A small mosque in Louisville KY was vandalized last Wednesday. Members of the mosque discovered the graffiti as they arrived for evening prayer. The vandals spray painted hateful words on walls and doors outside of the mosque.

Same gender marriage not likely in the Church in Wales

The Governing Body of the Church in Wales sat for a vote on same gender marriage on Thursday, 1 SEP 2015. The Body voted by a majority in favor of same gender marriage. However, the majorities in each section of the Body were less than the required 2/3s majority needed to change canon law.