Day: September 5, 2015

Barna Group survey exposes Evangelical Christians* strongly oppose marriage equality

• Evangelicals, 20 million people in the US by the Barna definition, deeply oppose same-gender marriage (94% disagree with the Supreme Court decision)
• the divide in how young folks who are practicing Christians and who are non-practicing or lapsed Christians feel toward same-gender marriage is profound
• 1 in 5 feel that Christian ministers should be legally compelled to officiate same-gender marriages and 2 in 5 feel that businesses should have to provide services for same-gender weddings

Local Meatheads donate time and ability to a good cause

It was a company that the brothers started on their own, without even help from Mom & Dad, while they were still in high school. For them it was a way to earn money for school and allow them to be involved in their favorite sports. The company name was a humorous ribbing of their off-time activity, weight lifting. And what started as high school athletes moving friends and neighbors for pizzas and tips has become a top notch moving company with professionally trained college athletes.

New fundraising idea – ban your least favorite hymn

Just about everyone has one, a least favorite hymn. That hymn that sends you into paroxysms of disdain the moment you hear the first few bars of the music. What if you could arrange to not have to sing that hymn for a whole year? Would you be willing to pay money for the privilege? How much would you pay?