Day: May 23, 2015

The Irish electorate embraces Marriage Equality

UPDATED: with statement from the Church of Ireland (Anglican)
In spite of being a largely Roman Catholic nation and against the admonition of the Irish Roman church’s episcopate, the Republic of Ireland’s electorate has legalized marriage equality in an overwhelming vote.

Conservatives must be running out of bogeymen!

It’s perhaps this success and good reputation that has bred envy and jealousy amongst its Christian neighbors in Fountain Hills. The pastors of these other eight churches have embarked on a six week sermon series. The series is called “Progressive” Christianity: FACT or FICTION. Each week, from their own pulpit, the pastors will address a question in an area where they obviously believe Progressive Christianity fails.

Let the bells ring

Archbishop Hiltz has called for this period of time as a special commemoration of the more than 1,017 aboriginal women and girls who have been murdered or missing since 1980. He asks folks to ring the bells however they will.