Day: May 17, 2015

Churn, church, churn

Of American adults raised Episcopalian as children, 61% have changed their religious identity. Of American adults currently identifying as Episcopalian, 46% were raised in another tradition.

90 Days in the Wilderness

In the Magazine this month, we’re looking at the experience of God in and through nature. In this piece, Kelly Wilson reflects on his experience as a camp counselor.

Speaking to the Soul: Tiny windows of glory

These mysterious bits of creation constantly remind me that, as grounded as I am in the sciences, that behind all the science is love–God’s love. Just as happenstance saw to it that I was to accompany this moth in his dying process, I need to remember that we are each also called to so many births, deaths, and everything-in-betweens in the carefully prepared, God-molded lives of all we encounter, and try to glimpse the holiness in each.