Day: May 14, 2015

The Vatican reaffirms Palestine’s statehood

… there is no denying that there is something new about yesterday’s announcement. The diplomatic agreement reached on the text and the forthcoming joint signing of it, represents an important additional step in that the “State of Palestine” name will appear in a key document of vital importance to relations between the Holy See and the Palestinians.

Speaking to the Soul: Ascension and Emptiness

The Ascension is a leave-taking. This is the moment when the tale of God’s incarnation in the world is over. What makes it difficult to capture in paint is really this: it is an absence. It is the moment when the sky is suddenly simply a blue expanse, when the mountain top opens only to wind and silence, when the lake shore no longer rings with the voice of the rabbi or his odd counter-intuitive commands. It is a presence gone, removed never to return. It is emptiness.