Day: May 11, 2015

Bishop of Dio Central Florida issues pastoral letter regarding Baby Jack

Today, a pastoral letter from the Rt Revd Gregory Brewer was posted to the diocesan website. The letter was his response to the past week’s events surrounding the baptism of Jack McCaffrey, infant son of Rich and Eric McCaffrey. Separately today, an audio recording of yesterday’s sermon at the Cathedral Church of St Luke was posted on the cathedral parish’s website.

Asylum seekers evade police in German churches

People seeking asylum are living under virtual house arrest in Germany, sheltered by churches from deportation to the war-torn nations they’ve fled. The practice of granting asylum in churches to people fleeing persecution is an old custom which German churches have followed since the 1980s.

Liberia’s churches struggle post-Ebola

Churches in Liberia were as unprepared for Ebola as other institutions, and even after most gathering places closed, congregants kept meeting in churches, sometimes bringing people stricken with Ebola to show hospitality. How do they heal and resume their mission?