Day: April 2, 2015

Indiana passes RFRA “fix” | Arkansas, too

Business, civic and sports leaders who demanded a fix to Indiana’s divisive “religious freedom” law flanked Republican legislative leaders Thursday as they announced a new measure that would prohibit the law from being used to discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Trial date set for Bishop Heather Cook

Bishop Heather Cook appeared in Baltimore Circuit Court and entered a plea of not guilty to charges in the hit-and-run death of Thomas Palermo last December. June 4, 2015 has been set for her trial.

Bishop v. Bishop in S. Carolina: Federal Appeals Court remands lawsuit

“A federal judge in South Carolina has been told to hear a case stemming from the Episcopal Church split in eastern South Carolina,” the AP reports. The judge “had postponed the case while a lawsuit over control of church property was decided in state courts. But the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week there was no reason to delay the case.”