Day: March 23, 2015

Old photo of a police officer leaning over a woman working on a primitive computer. The woman is taking a phone call.

Searching for hard numbers on police killings

Advocates have called for important reforms in how police departments manage and publish data concerning shootings of citizens, largely spurred by a string of high-profile shooting deaths. Will the initiative succeed if advocates and the public at large loses interest?

How can churches include and involve people with disabilities?

Image from Joni & Friends The Columbus Dispatch profiles how several churches provide worship with and for parishioners who have disabilities. Some of the ways that these churches serve their congregations include: Headphones to reduce sensory overload during service for people with cognitive disabilities. Including and acknowledging the outburst of a child on the autism …

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Dionisio A. Lind, Carillonneur, profiled in NY Times

Dinisio Lind, carillonneur at the Riverside Church of New York City, is the subject of a beautifully photographed profile from the weekend NY Times. Lind is an active 84 year old who easily clambers over the catwalks and ladders between his 21st floor office and the still higher cabinet where he plays.