Day: February 21, 2015

Handling panhandling

I would advise people to be aware of their environment, to use your gut instinct and to give as little or as much as you like. There’s nothing remotely fun about living in poverty and having to beg for money. The idea that people panhandling are somehow are making out like bandits is an urban myth.

Why Anti-racism? part 2

We want people to come to Anti-Racism training cheerfully and not grudgingly because there is some church canon or decree from their bishop that they have to check this box or miss out on some needed certification. We want people to come to Anti-Racism training because learning how to overcome the sin of racism will enable us to love one another as Jesus loves each one of us.

Speaking to the Soul: Seeking

During this Lent, let us become the kind of seeker the Song of Songs tells us about. Let us seek and be open to all possibilities, no matter how remote, exotic, mundane or seemingly impossible. If we pay attention we can find what we are looking for.