Day: February 17, 2015

Archbishop honored with public holiday 38 years after assassination by Amin

  Archbishop of York John Sentamu preached yesterday at an international memorial service organized by the Anglican Church of Uganda to honor Janani Luwum, the archbishop who dared to demand that Idi Amin give up extra-judicial killings, ethnic persecution, and political corruption and oppression, the Religion News Service reports. The current President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, […]

40 bags in 40 days

40 bags in 40 days

Looking for a Lenten discipline with visible results? The blog offers a plan to declutter and simplify using the forty days of Lent to give up or give away unnecessary stuff. Although not explicitly offered as a religious discipline, the challenge runs from Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday, with Sundays as days off. The […]

Church of England bishops offer pastoral letter ahead of General Election

Church of England bishops offer pastoral letter ahead of General Election Facade of Canterbury Cathedral

The UK General Election is set for May 7 – the longest in advance any election has been declared, according to the House of Bishops’ pastoral letter (actually, a 56-page pamphlet) on the state of the political landscape and the responsibility of the church and the people to respond: 3 The General Election on 7 […]

Pope, Archbishops respond to ISIS murders

In statements yesterday, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope Francis each condemned the martyrdom of Egyptian Copts at the hands of so-called ISIS fighters, and pledged their support for Christians in the region. Speaking in Scotland yesterday, Pope Francis departed from his script, according to the Huffington Post, to speak in his native Spanish, rather […]