Day: February 16, 2015

Members of the Dallas Street Choir relax, looking dapper and professional in formal wear.

Dallas Street Choir featured on NPR

The Dallas Street Choir is a unique choir composed of displaced men and women in Dallas, Texas. It’s a joint collaboration between The Stewpot, a Dallas-area soup kitchen founded by First Presbyterian Church, and CREDO, a choral ministry of Dallas’ Kessler Park United Methodist Church. These groups are ecumenical partners in providing various services for people experiencing homelessness and displacement.

Are we all responsible for the killings in Chapel Hill?

Last week, an angry man killed three of his neighbors over what he claims was a long-running parking dispute.

The three victims were all Muslim. Yusor Abu-Salha was a 21 year old planning to attend UNC Chapel Hill dental school that fall. She had recently been interviewed for NPR’s StoryCorps, by her 3rd grade teacher. Her little sister, Razan Abu-Salha, 19, was also killed, as was her husband, Deah Barakata, 23, who was enrolled as a dental student at UNC.

Church integration efforts in South Carolina

Racial segregation is the de facto standard for American Christian worship, but some churches are making a concentrated effort to integrate their communities. Writing for the Post and Courier, Adam Parker and Jennifer Berry Hawes profile integrated worship at several churches in Charleston, South Carolina.

Speaking to the Soul: The Poetic Core

There’s an interesting theory about today’s gospel reading. Quite possibly, the author of John’s gospel crafted this passage by adding theological commentary and narrative material to what was originally a poem or hymn text familiar to Christians in his community.