Day: February 3, 2015

More on the Maryland timeline

The Baltimore Brew has fleshed out some of the details behind the timeline first published by the Diocese of Maryland yesterday concerning the election and subsequent actions of Bishop Heather Cook. Cook has been indicted on charges including vehicular homicide and others in the death of Thomas Palermo in December. The timeline included the report that Bishop …

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England’s newest bishops

Bishop Libby Lane was one of two women flanking Archbishop Dr John Sentamu at the consecration of Philip North as Bishop of Burnley yesterday. Neither Lane nor Sentamu laid hands on North, a “traditionalist” ordained in an all-male succession. The Bishop of Chichester was invited by Archbishop Sentamu to lead the laying on of hands …

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Speaking to the Soul: learning and loving

This week we attempt to be more thought provoking. We wrestle with the very nature of Jesus. The reason is simple: the more you study and think about Jesus, the more you learn. The more you know about Jesus, the more you love him and the closer you follow him. With Jesus, learning leads to loving; more learning leads to more loving.