Day: January 19, 2015

Production still from Grantchester showing the star

Grantchester reviews

Did you see the opening episode of Grantchester? It was reviewed favorably in a number of newspapers, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. From the Times review: “Grantchester” will be breezy fun for fans of the form, though the more discerning will be put off by how rudimentary the actual murder mysteries are …

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Photo of Stevie Wonder, Gil Scott Heron, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Gladys Knight and Sam Courtney at a press conference at Rafu Gallery, Washington, DC, January 15, 1981.

Martin Luther King Day and Stevie Wonder

Dr. King was assassinated on April 4th in 1968, but his holiday wasn’t celebrated until November 17th, 1986, nearly 20 years later.

Writing for Cuepoint on Medium, Marcus Baram, journalist and author of the biography “Gil Scott-Heron: Pieces of a Man”, explores how the holiday came to be through the dedicated intervention of Stevie Wonder, musical prodigy and multi-Grammy winning recording artist.