Day: January 14, 2015

Kansas Church Draws Protests for Supporting Planned Parenthood

St. James Episcopal in College Hill, Kansas, has hosted a community fundraiser for the past four years: Chili for Choice. The menu, not unusual in church fundraisers. The beneficiary – Planned Parenthood – more so. This year, for reasons not entirely known, anti-abortion protestors took notice. Deb Gruver reports on public reaction to the event […]

The Magazine: Selma… “Negotiate. Demonstrate. Resist.”

The Magazine: Selma… “Negotiate. Demonstrate. Resist.”

Keep in mind this film is not a documentary and what it reminds us is very timely. Not only is it released near the national holiday set aside to remember Dr. King, but current national headlines speak of issues of race and use/abuse of power that are yet to be addressed in our country. Perhaps God will bring together other gifted leaders to shed light on present injustice?

Racial Protest as a Form of Mourning

George Yancey, author and Duquesne University professor of philosophy, has been interviewing philosophers on the subject of race for a series in The New York Times. In “What’s Wrong With ‘All Lives Matter’?” Yancey’s fifth interview subject, Judith Butler (a professor at University of California, Berkeley) makes the point that the protest “All Lives Matter” […]

Speaking to the Soul: The Course of the Day

Week of Epiphany 1, Year One [Go to Mission St Clare for an online version of the Daily Office including today’s scripture readings.]   Today’s Readings for the Daily Office: Psalms 119:1-24 (morning) // 12, 13, 14 (evening) Isaiah 41:1-16 Ephesians 2:1-10 Mark 1:29-45 It’s so easy over the course of a day, or over the course […]

Is there an Exorcist in the House?

Via Religion News Service: The business of online ordination is seeing an increasingly diverse customer base – no longer just people wishing to officiate weddings without going through a few years of seminary. Organizations such as Spiritual Humanism, Universal Life Church and the United National Church are bestowing titles ranging from pastor to wizard on […]