Day: January 13, 2015

Ebola survivor to continue his medical mission

Via the Religion News Service‘s “The Slingshot”. CBS news is reporting on Dr Rick Sacra who returned to the US to recover from Ebola after contracting it while working as a volunteer doctor in Liberia last year. Dr Sacra, who has some lingering health issues since the illness, plans to return to west Africa later this week, and […]

Assuming responsibility

Assuming responsibility Photo of candles and a "Je Suis Charlie" banner arrange as a memorial

From the Guardian: After press magnate Rupert Murdoch tweeted his opinion that all Muslims should feel themselves responsible for the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, responded.   Rowling went on to say,   Although neither is American, their exchange may illustrate divisions in western opinion reported by the Public […]

Speaking to the Soul: Alcohol and The Episcopal Church: a time for personal and institutional self-examination

I am convinced that at this tragic time in the life of the Diocese of Maryland, and the Episcopal Church, we are called yet again to come out of the darkness and the silence which still surrounds alcohol and addictions.