Day: January 6, 2015

Epiphany celebrations

The Guardian has a round up of photographs of Epiphany celebrations around the world today, from papal mass to horse racing. [How] did you celebrate? Do you have images to share? posted by Rosalind Hughes

Statement issued following clergy meeting in Maryland

UPDATE 2, added 11PM: Report from Baltimore Sun – see below UPDATE 1: more from Baltimore Brew – see below The Diocese of Maryland has issued a statement following this morning’s closed-door meeting held to allow diocesan clergy to receive and process information, express feelings, ask questions, and come together after the tragic events of past […]

General Ordination Examinations

The annual GOEs are underway across the country. According to the website of the General Board of Examining Chaplains, it was established by canon of the 1970 General Convention, issued its first set of General Ordination Examinations in 1972, and has administered them annually since that date. From the website: The canons (III. 8) require that […]

Deadline for budget input approaches

The deadline for all Episcopalians to review and comment upon the preliminary draft budget to be presented at this year’s General Convention is tomorrow. An announcement from the Episcopal Church website, shared yesterday on our social media sites, includes a link to the draft budget. Nurya Love Parish has published a blog urging church members […]

Speaking to the Soul: Dare to Open Your Heart

Speaking to the Soul: Dare to Open Your Heart

John 1: 35-42 As Jesus begins his public life, first dozens, then scores, then hundreds of people come to see him. Most listen and walk away. They have other priorities. But John gets the whole picture from the get-go. He instantly recognizes that Christ has been sent by the Father to atone for sin. And […]